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240px-Emblem-person-yellow.svgWe as Linux User Group Bolzano-Bozen-Bulsan encourage you to become our member in order to help us promoting the idea of Software Freedom and Open Data here in South Tyrol.

Our key aspect lies in the raise of awareness at the various public administrations (schools, municipalities, province, national institutions). We get in contact with politicians and office directors. Our Open Letters page documents our numerous attempts, our achievements and upcoming plans.

Our other aspects are more club-oriented: Want to meet people with related interests? Curious about new Free Software trends at the local level and in general? Attend our workshops! Need someone to help with a GNU/Linux, BSD or LibreOffice problem? Just bring your laptop and we may solve it at one of our dinners, aperitivi or the Open&Linux Counter.


The registration form (PDF german PDF italian) which needs to be compiled, signed, scanned and sent as email to Alternatively compile it by hand and then pass to the Bolzano’s Open&Linux Counter to give it directly to the president Anton Auer.

2023-12: please use our new bankaccount at Bolzano:
IBAN: IT 60Q0808111610000306007341
(Sonnenkonto Raiffeisen EthicalBanking)
All relevant informations can be found in the pdf-file above. Instead of compiling the form yourself you may also become member at one of our events. We would be very grateful if you become our member!


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