We have our own forum!

Dear Community,

after several months, we can finally announce: We have our own forum!
As of today, all our communication will take place via Discource. Our mailing lists have been imported by the SysTeam.
For this reason, the lists (lugbz-list@lists.lugbz.org, internal@lists.lugbz.org, members@lists.lugbz.org) will be deactivated and archived in the next few days.

All members of our lists are therefore invited to register at Discource under talk.lugbz.org. All previously sent posts will be reassigned to this user once this account has been registered.


Discource, our new forum

Discource is an open source community platform. It has many functions, including threading, categorization, tagging and much more (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discourse_(software)). The advantage for us: on the one hand it can be used like a normal forum on the web, on the other hand it can also work as a mailing list. In this way, we reach those who want to use it via the web, but also those who prefer to communicate via e-mail.

Member? Remember!

Each member will be displayed in Discource with a badge. To get this badge, you will receive an invitation link in the next few days, with which you can register.

Come by!

Everybody is again invited to look around, register, share and discuss at talk.lugbz.org.

See you on the other side — Discource!


Raphael (Board | SysTeam)