We have our own forum!

Dear Community, after several months, we can finally announce: We have our own forum! As of today, all our communication will take place via Discource. Our mailing lists have been imported by the SysTeam. For this reason, the lists (lugbz-list@lists.lugbz.org, internal@lists.lugbz.org, members@lists.lugbz.org) will be deactivated and archived in the next few days. All members of […]
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lugbz.social: Mastodon for LUGBZ

Nach langer Arbeit dürfen wir nun feierlich vorstellen: lugbz.social! Die Instanz ist erreichbar unter: toot.lugbz.social.
lugbz.social wurde am LinuxDay 2023 (28. Oktober 2023) vorgestellt und von da an wird sie von der LUGBZ verwaltet und gepflegt.
Dopo un lungo lavoro, siamo molto contenti di presentare: lugbz.social! L’istanza è raggiungibile all’indirizzo: toot.lugbz.social.
lugbz.social è stato presentato al LinuxDay 2023 (28 ottobre 2023) e da allora sarà gestito e mantenuto da LUGBZ.
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